Our Comprehensive Invoice Processing

Invoice parsing software is specialized technology crafted to analyze and decode invoice documents, encompassing PDFs, images, and various file formats. Its core function is to identify and extract essential data from invoices, including the invoice ID, the total amount payable, the date of the invoice, and the customer's name, allowing for the storage of this information on Google Drive or local storage systems.

What is an Invoice OCR ?

Invoice Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is engineered to transform various unstructured invoice formats, like PDFs and images, into organized, structured data. Its main goal is to automate the scanning of invoices, thereby dramatically lowering the need for manual data entry. Through the adoption of Invoice OCR, companies can refine their invoicing processes, boost operational efficiency, and significantly decrease the likelihood of errors in data management.

How does Invoice Parser Work?

Seamless document import

Seamless document import

Submit PDFs or images through email, API, desktop applications, Google Drive, Dropbox, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), or other cloud storage services.

Cognitive document processing

Cognitive document processing

Efficiently gather the information you require. Our user-friendly interface allows for a thorough review to ensure utmost accuracy.

OpenAI Integration

OpenAI Integration

Quickly process scans using OpenAI's sophisticated OCR technology for precise data retrieval.

Frictionless Data Export

Frictionless Data Export

Seamlessly integrate with your current systems and applications for a smooth and effective migration to our platform.

Drive Integration

Drive Integration

Effortlessly link and sync with well-known cloud storage services.

Secured Storage

Secured Storage

Securely protect your data using our enhanced security storage solutions.

Why Choose Invoice Parser?

Capture data from any source shape1

Capture data from any source

Gather or bring in data from any origin or in various formats, such as images, PDFs, scanned documents, paper files, emails, cloud services, APIs, and beyond.
Extract data with superior accuracy shape1

Extract data with superior accuracy

Our OCR APIs undergo extensive testing and are pre-trained on a vast array of documents, guaranteeing exceptional accuracy and dependability right from the start.
Simplify workflows and operations shape1

Simplify workflows and operations

Establish fully automated processes for managing file imports, data structuring, data verification, approvals, data exports, and system integrations.
Save time and money shape1

Save time and money

Minimize the hours dedicated to ineffective manual chores and circumvent mistakes in data entry or verification that could lead to costly losses.
Connect the tools you already use shape1

Connect the tools you already use

Effortlessly meld your current business instruments with Nanonets to automate the collection of data, storage exports, accounting tasks, and much more.
Enhance productivity shape1

Enhance productivity

Boost your organization's productivity tenfold by enabling teams to concentrate solely on essential tasks, with Nanonets managing all other operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Invoice Parser is capable of extracting information from a wide array of invoices, including credit/debit notes, proforma bills, and commercial invoices, among others. Beyond just invoices, it also has the ability to process a variety of financial documents like receipts, price labels, purchase orders, and bank cards, to name a few. Reach out to us to discover more about what our Invoice Parser can do.

Yes, our OCR model is equipped to handle line items and tables. The Invoice Parser is proficient at recognizing the tabular layout within a document and extracting the complete table, while also attributing specific labels to each column based on your requirements. Should a column not correspond to any label of interest, it will not be assigned a label.

Our clients leverage the Invoice Parser to automate their accounts payable workflows, minimize errors from manual data entry, enhance the efficiency of invoice processing and approval, and bolster cash flow management. Furthermore, the Invoice Parser serves as a valuable tool for auditing and compliance objectives, alongside offering deeper understanding into supplier interactions and purchasing patterns.