What is new in Gemini AI: The Latest Features and Update

In this article, delve into the groundbreaking developments in artificial intelligence led by Gemini AI, Google’s innovative model set to revolutionize various industries. From real-time video processing to reasoning-based multimodality, Gemini’s latest advancements promise transformative applications in healthcare, finance, customer support, and beyond.

Key Takeaways

  • Gemini AI: Major leap in AI with multimodal abilities, advanced reasoning.
  • Diverse Applications: Transforming healthcare, finance, creative content, customer support.
  • Ethical Considerations: Safety, reliability crucial as Gemini evolves towards AGI.
  • Future Potential: Continuous refinement, collaboration could drive substantial progress in AI.

Introduction of Gemini AI

Imagine you are talking to a machine and it doesn’t feel like a robot at all. Well that’s what Artificial Intelligence has become when we talk about the trends today. When AI was coined, people were blown by how good the trees were solving the chess problems and how tic tac toe was unbeatable against a machine.

Today, the definition has completely changed for AI. It can write, converse, imitate, draw, speak and even reciprocate. We have come across new AI prowesses everyday since the emergence of Open AI. In the race, Facebook (now Meta), Google, Stanford and countless other organisations have unleashed their full-fledged potential to compete.

In this blog, we’ll talk about the newest AI by Google, Gemini. Gemini is a successor to Google’s AI model family, PaLM 2. Initially, google came up with Bard, its own chatbot powered by PaLM 2, which was promoted to Gemini in quick succession. Gemini 1.0 was the first iteration of the model family, followed by Gemini 1.5 in the limited access phase. The Gemini 1.5 model had the biggest breakthrough with a context length of upto 1 million tokens in production, longest among any other large-scale models.

Wappnet.ai’s mission is to pioneer artificial intelligence solutions


In the realm of modern artificial intelligence, leveraging AI’s capabilities can streamline the achievement of goals with remarkable precision and efficiency. At Wappnet.AI, we have harnessed the power of cutting-edge AI models to meet and exceed our clients’ needs. Two prime examples of our expertise include Vista Face AI, a personalized avatar generation tool, and LetsList Bot, a customer care representative chatbot powered by Gemini AI. These AI innovations showcase our commitment to delivering top-tier AI solutions, positioning us as leaders among AI solutions providers.

Importance of staying updated with the latest innovations and advanced capabilities in AI


AI is like a guardian that will guide you to success if utilised well and up to its potential. As google’s CEO Sundar Pichai in 2018, said:

“AI is one of the most important things humanity is working on. It is more profound than electricity or fire. We will learn how to harness it for the benefit of society and stay ahead of its developments to ensure that.”

Overview of Gemini AI’s Latest Innovations

gemini ai


As we know, the core of Gemini is multi-modality. It can process images, videos and text with ease. You want code? Gemini can help you with it, you want to process Audio, well Gemini powered Google assistant has that too. Gemini was launched as Ultra, Pro and Nano, with Nano aimed to be performing for edge devices, primarily mobile phones. Gemini AI has been the soul of GCP’s own Dialog Flow CX since launch, powering generative chatbot capabilities and integration with documents for context question-answering.

On May 24th, 2024 google announced its newest iteration of Gemini models, Gemini 1.5 Pro in Gemini Advanced chatbot and Gemini 1.5 Flash, primarily for the low latency network areas, for quickest responses with a context length of 1 million tokens. Gemini 1.5 pro model is a multilingual model with 35+ languages, a long context for video prompts and it is integrated within google’s applications and systems for a streamlined and perfect user experience.

Additionally, Google unveiled new cutting-edge AI features integrated into their products. In Google Search, Gemini’s “AI Overviews” feature now provides more detailed and complex responses, enhancing user experience. Google Photos introduced “Ask Photos,” a feature that allows users to search and retrieve detailed memories by asking complex questions about their photos. All this has been powered by the multi-modal capabilities of Gemini. These are some of the few innovations that google plans to bring to their ecosystem of applications and android itself as well.

These innovations and features are setting a new standard in the industry. AI is not only an image generator or a natural language chatbot anymore, it has become much more than that. In such a short amount of time, the AI boom has resulted in great and outstanding breakthroughs which seemed to be hypothetical scenarios in sci-fi movies a decade ago. With these features and breakthroughs, google aims to enhance the scam detection as well, by providing real-time alerts while ongoing calls. They aim to leverage AI to identify the suspicious calls and signify google’s commitment to a more powerful and user-friendly experience.


One of the features introduced in the keynote is called Gemini Live, a real-time video processing AI. This new flagship feature by google, allows AI to understand, process live video and have human-like conversation with the user. It is capable of providing real-time responses based on the live video feed it is receiving. This may be particularly useful in applications like Live customer support and Real-time data analysis.

Applications of Gemini Live may Include :


Live event monitoring:

In scenarios like CCTV surveillance or live event broadcasting, Gemini LIve may be capable of analysing the video feeds real-time and detect the anomalies, track objects and generate insights. For example, it can detect a suspicious vehicle in traffic flow or crowd patterns.

Customer support:

The AI may help assist the professionals dealing with customers. This AI includes understanding the customer queries via live video, offering immediate solutions or even solving the queries of the user.

Healthcare Applications:

While applications in Healthcare need to be seriously tested, it can aid well in the domain of telemedicine. Telemedicine is a term used for consulting a doctor via a phone call or a video call. It can help analyze the patient’s situation, track the moments of meeting and much more while the doctor diagnoses the patient.

There are more such endless applications of such features – Sports Analytics, Manufacturing and Quality, Maintenance, Education tools, Finance and countless other fields that may utilise the prowess of Gemini Live. This feature is a revolutionary step towards the dream of AGI – artificial general intelligence.

How Gemini Ai Drives Industry Change

The major advantage that Gemini has over any other AI tools/models is reasoning based multimodality. Gemini can drive important change in the workflows and efficiency if utilised effectively. Domains and industries like Healthcare, Finance, Banking, Customer Support, Sports and Fitness, Content Streaming, etc. have a great potential to accommodate the utilisation of Gemini like AIs and may transform the industry entirely. Some of the few AI industry transformations where Gemini’s capabilities can be a boon are;

Healthcare (Med Gemini):

Advanced Diagnostics and Treatment:

Gemini can analyze vast medical data to identify patterns (thanks to its 1 million long context window) and predict disease outbreaks, personalise treatment plans, and even assist in drug discovery. This all can be achievable with Gemini precisely because of its complex reasoning capabilities. 

Enhanced Clinical Research:

Automating data analysis and generating reports can streamline clinical trials, leading to faster breakthroughs. Google has facilitated integration with google sheets and other google-powered apps for a streamlined workflow, which may be beneficial for quick analysis, data creation and structured formatting in case of a rather informal data.

Improved Patient Care:

Chatbots powered by Gemini can answer patient queries, schedule appointments, and provide preliminary diagnoses, reducing doctor workload and improving accessibility. Google’s cloud service GCP, provides a feature called Vertex AI, where Gemini models can be finetuned and make them learn based on external context. Also, GCP’s Dialogflow-CX allows customers to make a chatbot powered by Gemini’s generative and reasoning capabilities, provided with the contextual documents by the developer. This results in an accurately answering chatbot that may contribute in Patient care.

Customer Service:

Smarter Chatbots:

Gemini can power chatbots that understand complex questions, provide personalised recommendations, and even anticipate customer needs.

In conclusion, Gemini AI is shaping up to be a revolutionary advancement in the field of artificial intelligence. Its multimodal capabilities, coupled with its advancements in reasoning and information retrieval, position it as a strong contender for leading the charge towards AGI and help the AI consulting services provide better and better AI solutions. From its applications in creative content generation to its potential to transform the healthcare industry, Gemini holds immense potential to improve our lives. As researchers continue to develop and refine Gemini, it will be interesting to see how this technology shapes the future across various sectors and how the best AI providers utilise its capabilities. With careful consideration of ethical implications and continuous collaboration with experts, Gemini AI has the potential to become a powerful tool for progress.

By automating repetitive tasks and offering knowledge base suggestions, Gemini can significantly improve agent productivity. This inturn will help the business provided better customer service and gain the trust of their customers. AI for business growth can be a really beneficial tool if utilised effectively.


Fraud Detection:

Gemini’s ability to analyse financial transactions in real-time can help identify and prevent fraudulent activities. Google has recently announced that they will be integrating Gemini with Android to fight with the scamming calls and messages. Gemini may analyse the audio or text from the sender and alert the user of a potential security risk.

Market Analysis:

By processing vast amounts of financial data, Gemini can predict market trends and generate more accurate forecasts. 

Risk Management: Gemini can analyse loan applications and customer data to assess creditworthiness and recommend appropriate risk management strategies.

Other Industries:

Manufacturing, logistics, and even creative fields like design can leverage Gemini’s capabilities for optimizing processes, generating creative content, and personalizing user experiences.

Gemini in the Healthcare and Medical Industry: 

Google, in their research blog introduced us to a family of gemini models fine-tuned for multimodal medical domain applications. It is known as Med-Gemini and the biggest advantage of it being powered by Gemini models is the long-context reasoning capabilities. In the research blog, google mentioned it being trained on complex multimodal data, including images, videos and extensive length and breadth of EHR. EHR stands for electronic health records. 

When looking at the benchmark comparison between Med-Gemini and other flagship models, we can observe that Med-Gemini achieves state-of-the-art accuracy of 91.1% on MedQD USMLE-style question benchmark. Other benchmarks where Med-Gemini has proved to be a better performer are NEJM clinico-pathological conferences, and NEJM Image Challenges and Multimodal USMLE-style questions. Med-Gemini model has proved to perform better and surpass GPT-4 be a great margin as observed in the figure below.

When talking about the MedQA benchmark, Med-Gemini model has proved to perform better than its predecessor Med-PaLM 2 with a remarkable margin of 4.6%. Not only that, it is observed to stand toe-to-toe with the reasoning of GPT-4 at accuracy levels higher than 90%.

Med-Gemini utilizes uncertainty-guided web search to enable the model to use accurate and up-to-date information. This approach generalises to achieve state-of-the-art performance in other challenging benchmarks, including complex diagnostic challenges from NEJM clinico-pathological conferences.

On the concluding note, the research for Gemini in healthcare has provided a glimpse of an exciting future where AI will greatly contribute in medical domain. Here’s the key takeaway: ensuring the safety and reliability of these models is paramount. The researchers acknowledge the need for rigorous testing beyond traditional benchmarks. This is a vital step before entrusting such AI with patient lives or other sensitive healthcare situations.

The future of Med-Gemini appears bright. The researchers believe collaboration with the medical community is essential. This will not only enhance the model’s safety and reliability but also help identify innovative applications. While Med-Gemini isn’t commercially available yet, Google Cloud is exploring its potential alongside healthcare and life science partners.


CASE STUDY – Letslist.homes 

Lets List is a platform that serves realtors with various content creation tools. This platform offers assistance to realtors where they can create blogs, posters, house listing description, brochures, etc all powered by AI. This platform took it further by housing a customer care chatbot that solves queries of the users using this platform. This chatbot is powered by Gemini 1.5 model and is a context based question answering interactive chatbot. This chatbot is a solution service of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) called Dialogflow CX. This service by GCP provides an integration of chatbot interface on your own website, but adding to that, it can serve the users with numerous features, has support for webhook integration as well.

Mainly, this chatbot works on a knowledge base that is provided to it in the form of documents that may be structured or unstructured. This bot, being powered by Gemini has a great ability of reasoning and can generate conversational answers rather than just the typical FAQs. 

Integration of a Gemini 1.5 pro powered chatbot to the web application has saved the company a fully dedicated team of customer representatives, who may take time to understand and reflect on user queries, which the GCP’s gemini chatbot does effortlessly.

Lets List Homes

Basic Comparison Between Open AI and Gemini AI


Feature OpenAI Gemini AI (Google)
Focus Primarily text-based Multimodal (text, code, audio, video)
Products ChatGPT, Dall-E 2 Gemini 1.5 (Pro, Flash, Ultra), Vertex AI, GCP Dialog Flow.
Accessibility Available through API Available through API
Pricing Pay-per-use model Free of cost as well as Pay-per-use model
Performance (Text) Strong in text generation Long context-window, better reasoning, extensive web-searching
Performance (Multimodal) Limited Strong in multimodal tasks
Transparency Limited, working on explainability Unclear at this stage

Pros And Cons Comparision:

GPT and Gemini are considered the best AI chatbots open for public use. One of the biggest pro of Gemini over Open AI’s model family is its generation capabilities while being multimodal. Gemini houses a 1-million long input context window, which allows it to be really good with long-term memory. 

On the other hand, these models are not open-sourced. These models cannot be used by a data scientist to fine tune with the flexibility that can be done with GPT 2, 3 and 3.5 turbo. One may have to do all the tasks in Vertex AI studio of Google in order to tweak with the parameters. 

GPT’s pricing is comparatively low when compared to Gemini. Even though both of these AI have a vastly different pricing format, one may prefer Open AI over Gemini AI just for its pricing simplicity. 

One of the cons of being factually focused is a disadvantage in terms of creativity. Gemini AI is factually focused, which means it may derive less creative results compared to any other Generative Models. 

While Gemini AI is performing equivalent to what GPT 4 is doing, the improvements can be highly expected as a powerhouse like Google has never failed to bring out innovative solutions to the market and sealing a high performance threshold for its competitors to set their foot in. 

Accuracy Statistics of Gemini AI Solutions

Metric Traditional AI Gemini AI
AI Accuracy Rate 85% 95%
Error Rate 15% 5%
User Satisfaction Score 70% 90%
Efficiency in Task Completion Moderate High

Given is a comparison between the traditional AI metrics and gemini AI. We can observe error reduction when it comes to Gemini. It is trained to be factually correct, and follow ethics made for the internet. Hence, it is also observed to be more dependable for accuracy oriented tasks over creativity oriented tasks.

Future Trends In Gemini And Ai

According to researchers at IBM, 2022 was the year that Gen AI exploded into the public consciousness, and 2023 was the year it began to take root in the business world. Hence, 2024 is aimed to be a pivotal year for future AI trends, as researchers and enterprises seek to establish how this evolutionary leap in technology can be most practically integrated into our everyday lives. Referring to the gartner hype cycle for AI in 2023, Generative AI is set on the “peak of inflated positions”. This means, the world of AI is expected to fall under an underwhelming transition period relative to the past trends. Thought, we can expect breakthroughs in the field and achieve a step close to AGI- Artificial General Intelligence.


Hypo cycle

AI is directly dependent on compute resources, hence the most noticeable trend has to be the shortage in the availability of GPUs. Nvidia, Open AI have targeted to establish mammoth production factories for the GPUs. This accounts to heavy requirements of compute resources leading to high dependency on cloud than ever before. So one of the expected outbursts is the uncontrolled requirement of GPUs and other resources to facilitate the AI services. 

The latest trends in AI can be expected towards emerging technologies like Convergence of IoT and AI, Healthcare, Facial Recognition, AI-based Automation, Autonomous Tasks like Self-driving cars, Robots and so on. It is observed that all the houses of flagship models have been promoting models for Edge devices as well, pointing towards a trend of convergence of IoT and AI. We can observe google launching Gemini Nano specifically made for mobile and edge devices. For accessing AI on mobile devices, preferring in-housed models over cloud, could potentially run faster as well as reduce dependency on low latency networks. 

The potential impact of AI and IoT convergence may directly be affected in industries like:

  1. Sports and Fitness
  2. Healthcare
  3. Customer Support 
  4. Education and Teaching
  5. Finance and Banking 
  6. Homecare 


In conclusion, Gemini AI is shaping up to be a revolutionary advancement in the field of artificial intelligence. Its multimodal capabilities, coupled with its advancements in reasoning and information retrieval, position it as a strong contender for leading the charge towards AGI and help the AI consulting services provide better and better AI solutions. From its applications in creative content generation to its potential to transform the healthcare industry, Gemini holds immense potential to improve our lives. As researchers continue to develop and refine Gemini, it will be interesting to see how this technology shapes the future across various sectors and how the best AI providers utilise its capabilities. With careful consideration of ethical implications and continuous collaboration with experts, Gemini AI has the potential to become a powerful tool for progress.

Ankit Patel
Ankit Patel
Ankit Patel is the visionary CEO at Wappnet, passionately steering the company towards new frontiers in artificial intelligence and technology innovation. With a dynamic background in transformative leadership and strategic foresight, Ankit champions the integration of AI-driven solutions that revolutionize business processes and catalyze growth.


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